Interlaken Heritage Days Holiday Craft & Vendor Show

Saturday, December 7, 2024  |  9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Interlaken Heritage Days Fundraiser | Fairmont National Guard Armory | 700 N Fairlakes Ave, Fairmont, MN

  • Fee is $40 per table, non-refundable, $30 non-sufficient fund fee
  • You get one 8 ft table and one chair per $40, any additional tables must fit within booth space or additional booth fee charged. Booth size approximately 10’x10′
  • No duplicate direct sales vendors – booked on first come/first serve basis
  • All confirmed vendors/crafters will be emailed a flyer and are asked to post a minimum of 5 copies to advertise this event
  • No used or consignment items
  • Persons selling food must have either a MN food permit or MN Cottage Food license.
  • Booth must be staffed at all times/No unattended children
  • No tobacco/firearms/vulgar language
  • Vendors/Crafters are responsible for sales tax of items sold
  • All unsold items must be taken with you
  • Vendors/Crafters are responsible to remove trash, etc. before leaving
  • Booth will be reserved once payment and completed registration is received
  • Check-in for booth assignment begins at 7:00am
  • You can begin setup at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning
  • You must be setup and run your booth from 9:00am-2:00pm, no leaving early (unless it’s an emergency).
  • As this is a fundraiser event, we would like to ask that if your company has a policy for fundraising to consider donating a portion of your sales to IHD

Interlaken Heritage Days (IHD) and the Fairmont National Guard Armory are not responsible for your booth, any injury, theft or damage to vendor products or displays, or any claims of damages or injuries resulting from your participation in this event. IHD and the Fairmont National Guard Armory, and its representatives, are not liable for any lost or stolen items. IHD will take photos of the show and participants, these photos will be used in their publications and advertisements for their events. Vendors grant permission for these photos, and possibly, their names to be used for the above purposes.

By typing my name below I affirm that the information on this form is accurate and complete, I agree to all the guidelines above and agree that by submitting my registration and payment I am confirming my attendance to show and know that no refunds will be made if I cancel.

Contact Rachel via email at or by text at 507-236-2953

Confirmed Vendors/Crafters as of ():